project life

project life, week 8

This week followed the same pattern I’ve noticed in previous weeks. Slow starts, lots of goings-on at the end of the week.

For this spread, I used the Confidant Documenter kit from Studio Calico. I love the bold colors and amazed I was able to spell all the words I wanted with the letter stickers. I always seem to be one short.


The breakfast circle is from the Ali Edwards Food Messy Circles digital set.


I took the rubber word in the kit and glued it down is a slight curve. That chipboard piece is from the Gossamer Blue February Life Pages kit. Stamped the dates in between and done.


I cut a piece of patterned paper from the Confidant Scrapbook kit. I embellished with the hexagonal shapes and a square heart sticker. I added the eyelash chipboard piece, also from the scrapbook kit, because they look sad to me. Tabitha has been missing Iris. She has been sitting in her spot on the dining room rug and cries for her in the afternoon.


We’ve been having a wonderfully wet winter in California. It’s been such a long time that I keep taking pictures of wet asphalt and puddles. I put rain over the heart 3×4 card, then stamped some raindrops under an acetate cloud from a Freckled Fawn kit. I added more clouds to the photos. Also part of this really old stamp set is a “today’s weather” piece. I love this stamp set and use it several times a year.


These three cards sort of tell a story together. The one with the picture of foil is a dinner that Tracy made for me that I didn’t get to eat because I had to stay at work for a very long time. I eventually made it home around 3:30am the next morning and saw this, but was just too tired to eat. I got up to go back to work around 5am and when I came home around 8:30am, Tracy had made a meal I could actually eat. Delicious breakfast with Tracy to my left, Maggie on her pillow to my right. So grateful for all of it.


Right side overview. I notice that that puffy sticker got moved. I fixed it, but am just too lazy to take another pic and upload it, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Or just look in the pictures below. It’s on correctly there…


I needed another 4×6 card with space for journaling, and I noticed the lavender color in the scrapbook kit. This complimented the movie poster so well, I had to use it. I put the square sticker on foam dots to set it apart from the two movies next to it. I added more of those cool hexagon stickers. When we made a list of Oscar nominated movies to watch a month ago, I didn’t think we’d finish. We did! Completed the list by watching these two this week. We both loved “Hacksaw Ridge.” “Moonlight” was slow, but an important story to be told.



Ok, so if you’ve seen some of my Tracy quotes before, you can probably tell she’s hilarious.  Sometimes the crap that comes out of her mouth needs to be remembered. On this particular day, Jennette (her best friend) was telling Tracy that she and her mom wouldn’t drink when they went to Vegas. Her response: “Oh, HELL no. I’m gonna tell both ya’ll bitches that you need to DRINK.” What makes it funnier is that she’s not from Texas and she never says ya’ll.

That weekend we went to Orange County and needed to stop by Ikea. We need bookshelves. Desperately. So we went to pick some out. And? They’re out of them. Damnit.


While we were there, we had breakfast at 3-Thirty-3. If you ever have a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it. It’s situation right on Newport Harbor and they have great food and good drinks. As we were discussing where to catch brunch Sunday morning, we thought about going back to 3-Thirty-3. We haven’t been here since May — at the cocktail party the night before our wedding. The item to have is the custom, gourmet burrito. Fill in the blanks and the goodness is yours!


We watched the Oscars at the in-laws’ place and goofed on all the stars. It’s so much easier to get into the show when you’ve actually seen the movies they’re talking about. We printed the Vanity Fair Oscar ballots to fill out and see if we could predict the outcome. Then the craziest thing that has never happened in Oscar history happened — they announced the wrong winner for best picture. That puffy sticker pretty much summed it up! And “Moonlight” to win was a total sleeper. Did not see that coming at all!


And here is everything together! I chose the green paper for the 4×6 card on the left to compliment the green in a photo on the right side of the page.

Thanks for stopping by!

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