project life

project life, week 5

One of the reasons I love “keeping up” (I hate that expression) with Project Life is that it helps remind me to take photos. I love photos, but I’m often so absorbed in the moment that I forget to take them. I’ve found that if I’m looking at and actually using photos several times a week, I take more. If I get super busy at work, though, even if I want to take more photos, I don’t or often can’t because there are privacy concerns in my workplace. So that’s the other confounder for me.

The photo situation this particular week was a combination of the two.

For this week’s spread, I mainly used elements from the Hip Kit Club’s December Project Life kit and Embellishment kit. Any deviations will be referenced if I know them.

(If you who are reading this want to see different things here… different photos, different explanations, more detail, less… please let me know. I’d love the feedback!)


Fortunately, I was able to grab this really great photo of the sun rising over my neighborhood. To make up for my lack of photos for the week, I blew it up to 9×8 and cut it to fit in the pockets. The “Thankful for” journaling card was originally going to go over the “hello” card, but as I was slipping them into the pockes on the other side, I mixed them up. It was a pretty happy accident and gave the illusion that the sky in the picture expanded all the way across.


This particular week, I really started spending much more time in my studio. The background photo for “make stuff” is a close up photo of my title page for my PL album that I put through some RadLab filters to darken and make black and white. The “make stuff” is a super old 4×6 transparency from Studio Calico from my stash.

The title card itself is one of the 4×6 journaling cards. I added a gold squiggly line from the embellishment kit and spelled out Week 5 with the thickers from the scrapbook kit. That’s the mega date stamp from Studio Calico, with which I have a love/hate relationship. (I love the way it looks, I hate how hard it is to turn the little dials.)


The journaling card and the die cut piece are both from the PL kit.


Right side. I added our movie stubs to one of the 4×6 journaling cards. Under that I put a piece of paper from the scrapbook kit. That “weekend” ticket I had left over from last year’s January Studio Calico kit.


Picked up some hyacinths while at the market; I adore bulb flowers. I hand wrote about that cut out the paper, rounded the edges (haven’t done that in forever!) and stuck it down. Date stamped with Star-On ink.

The “Love” foam thicker and the silver and teal paper is from the December Scrapbook kit.  The glitter tape and open gold heart is from the embellishment kit.

I found this “friends” digital file from Ali Edwards, back from when she was putting her digital files on a 3rd party website instead of her own. She is slowly re-releasing these files, but this one isn’t out yet! It’s called “Thank you friend” and has a lot of great phrases on it. On Tuesday, Dawn’s husband had surgery. I’ve been happy to answer their questions and decipher medical stuff for them, but it is still incredibly stressful for them both. After she gives me the update on how he’s progressing, I make sure to ask how she’s doing, knowing sometimes family members neglect to take care of themselves. Tonight, we clinked glasses of wine together, over text and 3,000 miles.

The journaling card to the right of this is from the PL kit, embellished with a die cut, a sequins, and the “hello” gold sticker from the embellishment kit.


Sunday we watched the Super Bowl, as I’m sure so many others did. I forgot to get a picture of our little gathering, so I found this graphic from the internet. I created the journaling card with paper and thickers from the scrapbook kit. Tracy has been in a football pool since the beginning of the season. Every week, pick a winner. For the first time, she made it to the Super Bowl. A whole week passed and she couldn’t decide who to go with — the Underdog Falcons or the Favored Patriots. She went with the Patriots. Until the 4th quarter, it looked like she went with the wrong team — the Patriots were down by 31 points. Don’t underestimate Brady! In less than 5:00, he got 2TD, 2 2-pt conversions and won in OT. WOAH.


And here’s a look at the whole thing. The left side is graphic heavy and the right side is word heavy. Love that big picture!



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