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project life, week 4

I had some travel for work last week, so I was not able to finish the spread I had for week 4. I only had 2 cards left to do and I could feel it taunting me all the way in Las Vegas! I was finally able to finish it. I mainly used Studio Calico Roman Holiday, with some embellishments from Hip Kit Club’s December Project Life kit, and Ali Edwards’ LOL stamp set.

Highlights of the week:

  • My best friend Dawn was visiting and we took a day trip to Paso Robles for some wine tasting.
  • The quest to see Oscar nominated movies begins, with the release of the nomination list.
  • Weekend getaway to Yosemite to see the snow.


I like the gold stickers from the Studio Calico Roman Holiday kit, but they always look brown no matter what I do. I see that other people’s photos are similar, so I’m glad I’m not alone!


On the title card I used a Ali Edwards’ Week by Week digital file, which I will be using sporadically throughout the year. While I was working Monday, Tracy sent me a picture of three out of four cats piled on or around a chair in the living room. It was just what I needed to see during my busy day. (From top to bottom, Maggie 4, Iris 16 1/2, and Tabitha 6.)


Tuesday we went wine tasting in Paso Robles. We spent quite a long time at Castoro, where the lady pouring wine for us taught us a whole new way to taste wine. The technique involves completely saturating your tastbuds, letting that sensation fade, then tasting it. Dawn and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made in the flavors and nuances it allowed us to appreciate!


The rain has turned these usually golden hills to a brilliant green.


Page two!


This week the Oscar nomination list was released. We try to see the movies on the best picture list and if we have time, move onto the best actor/actress. Fortunately there is a lot of overlap amongst the categories. On Friday we made our own double feature of “Arrival” and “Jackie.” Side note: most of the pictures nominated are single word titles. Isn’t that weird? ARRIVAL: Before the nominee list came out, we hadn’t heard much about this movie, about an alien landing and a linguistics prof’s quest to communicate with them. This movie was GREAT and had us thinking and talking about it for days. 2 thumbs up. JACKIE: After seeing this movie, it’s easy to see why Natalie Portman got nominated. Seriously, she gave a stunning performance of her. I just ran out of room for my full review.



The rest of the page was about our trip to Yosemite that weekend. The “Wintertime” card is from a 2017 mini kit and I saved it to use before spring came this year. With all the recent rains we’ve been having here on the valley floor, we knew the Sierra, including Yosemite, was getting lots of snow. (Plus I see it on their instagram account!) I had a weekend off coming up and Tracy had the great idea of going to see the park in the winter. We checked in at Tanya Lodge Saturday and wandered all around the park for much of Sunday. Neither of us had been here in the winter, but this visit proved that this is a magical place, in any season.


I placed a winter rubber word, again from a December Daily mini kit, that I had saved. Above it, I wrote out what I wrote when I posted it to my Instagram account: There is magic even in the roads here, where there is promise of adventure around every corner.


And here is the whole thing all together. Thanks for stopping by; onto week 5!

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