December Daily · scrapbooking

december daily, days 22 & 23


Long day at work; not much else going on. But it’s a story!

The green label sticker is from the main kit and fits over the green label sticker on the other side from day 21. The flowers are the office flowers that are on my desk that week. I have flowers delivered weekly for a couple of reasons: 1) it makes being at work that much nicer 2) she is very artistic and I love her designs and 3) I love supporting local businesses. I trimmed a piece of paper from the Paislee Press mini kit and adhered a chipboard 22 with a star from the main kit. The december routines card is from the main kit.


The 23rd was a low key day for me as well, recovering from a rough night at work. The cork numbers are from my stash and are no longer available. I wish they were because I love them. The red plastic tree was from the main kit, as is the back of that little tag I put directly in the album. I stamped a sentiment from the Tis the Season stamp set, plus a green star from the main kit. The rubber word family is from the Paislee Press mini kit that I put over a picture of my sister and niece at dinner theater show my mom got for us all.

Dinner theater with the fam in (city name redacted for privacy). Mom got everyone tickets to “A Christmas Story.” Fun to see Grandma and Steven there, too!

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