December Daily · scrapbooking

december daily, days 20 & 21


On the 20th, my brother had arrived in town for Christmas and we were trying to organize a family trip to see the new Star Wars movie. All that ended up making it was me, him, and my dad, but I’m so glad we saw it together. Truth be told, I’m more of a Star Trek nerd than Star Wars, but I still love the movies. The stamped “twenty” is an old stamp set I’ve had forever. Movie night is a Kelly Purkey stamp set that is no longer available. I got the movie poster from the internet and printed it out. Then I adhered the “remember this” ticket from the main kit. The bottom picture is talking about fog again… I love these days. This was a view I had on my walk around work. Behind the trees that you can’t see is a 5 story building.

Steven, Dad, and I met up in (city name redacted for privacy) to see the new Star Wars movie. I admit, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this deviation from the main Star Wars story line, but I liked how they answered questions from Episode IV. Two thumbs up!


The next day was a chill day around home. I used a heart transparency from the main kit on the bottom of a 4×6 photo of my wife and our kitty Maggie. I put a white letter sticker onto a green star on top of the heart. The 4×6 house journaling card is from the Jasmine Jones mini kit. I cut out the word cozy from a 3×4 card from the main kit and used foam dots to adhere it to the card. I stapled a wed to the bottom of the card with my tiny attacher.

I took a photo of Maggie under the tree (one of her favorite spots this season) and spread it vertically over two 3×4 pockets. The other photo is of two egg nog milkshakes I made for my brother and I with the tree in the background. I used a 3×4 transparent piece from the Jasmine Jones mini kit to fill the neighboring 3×4 card. I adhered a plastic ornament from the main kit plus a word label and a chipboard 21.

Steven came to the house after the movie last night and he spent the rest of the week with us. I had clinic in the afternoon, but aside from that it was a very chill day, full of video games, kitty snuggles, and egg nog milk shakes.

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