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december daily, days 15 & 16


Back to work! I can’t often take many photos at work, but because of this project, I specifically looked for one that I could without violating privacy laws. (You can see me in the reflection on the glass!!) The next page is a 4×6 card from the Paisley Press mini kit that I put black puffy alpha stickers on (the link is for red puffy alpha, but I couldn’t find the black ones in Ali’s shop). The card below is a piece of 4×6 white card stock that I divided with the washi from the main kit. The numbers are also from the main kit. The transparency pine cone is from the Paisley Press mini kit. The December stamp is a stamp set from last year’s DD kit. This is probably my least favorite spread in the album, but, hey, it’s another story told.

Very typical December day at work. We have less traumas in the winter, but more when it rains. Today, it rained.


Weekend off?? Let’s go do something awesome! We decided to check out San Francisco and see what Christmas things we could experience without breaking the bank. (That would exclude seeing “The Nutcracker”.) Used a 4×6 overlay as my journaling card. I stamped a messy circle and embossed it with gold embossing powder on a wood circle I had in my stash.

As luck would have it, I don’t have to work this weekend. We decided to spend it in San Francisco to see how the City was all decorated for Christmas and to have new adventures. We left as soon as I finished up at work and packed. I love our love of travel, of adventure, of living every moment to the fullest. Love our life together. Let’s roll!

On the next page, I put a pic of one of our four (yes, four, there is fur everywhere all the time) of our cats looking particularly annoyed. “You guys just got back. What do you mean you’re leaving again?” Plus gold star from the main kit.

I gold embossed a chipboard 16 and adhered it to the falalala card from the Paislee Press mini kit. The holiday playlist is from the DD main kit, as are the little white letter stickers I used to spell out Bay Bridge on the photo.

If you’re still looking at these… thank you!!

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