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project life, week 3

This week brought about lots of excitement and lots of ordinary moments, all mixed in. To document them, I mainly used the Hip Kit Club project life kit and embellishment kit, as well as a card from Ali Edwards’ January digital kit and a couple of elements from the Craft story kit.


Those cute little scrabble letters are stickers that I have been hoarding for maybe 10 years or so? It’s gotta be close to that. I saw them peeking out of my alpha sticker container and for some reason, thought that today, out of all days, was the day I was going to open the package and use them. Only three got used, so I’m sure I’ll go back to hoarding the rest. I have issues, what can I say. I mean, who am I saving them for, the Queen of England when she shows up on my doorstep? I dunno. AnyHOO…

One of my partners at work is very pregnant with her third child, so we had an office baby shower for her. It was a complete surprise and she was shocked and feigned being upset. It was so cute. Tracy and I bought the most adorable outfits that the baby will be able to wear when she’s around one year old.



The citrus farmers certainly don’t like frosty mornings, but I do. It’s just enough to give everything an other-worldly look that fleeting and melts as soon as the sun rises.


One of our kitties is quite the big girl. Lately, she’s taken to squeezing herself into this kitty perch, which sits atop a scratching post. I don’t know how she does it, or how it’s even comfortable. When she does it, I call her Tabitha muffin top. It sounds mean, but she spills over!


Here’s the page 2 overview. I covered my thoughts on the inauguration and the new president because I don’t want to get into politics here. I respect everyone’s right to their own beliefs and opinions, no matter what they are, and I want this to be a political free zone. Regardless of anyone’s feelings about the events of this week, it was significant and I this story was screaming at me to be told.


I love this filler card from Ali Edwards’ January digital kit. It captures how I feel about a new year perfectly. The journaling here is from the Craft story kit and refers to December Daily, which is the black and white photo peeking in on the bottom there.


The overlay on the black and white photo is also from the Craft story kit.


And here’s the whole thing all together.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; hope you have time to be creative!

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