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december daily, day 6 & 7

As I mentioned in my previous post, several pages are heavily influenced, if not copied, from Ali Edwards. I won’t be posting those, since they are not my original work. So, up next is December 6th.


I love this full page photo of a foggy walnut orchard. Dense fog is a common winter occurrence around here, but they are not as frequent as they were when I was a kid growing up here. I know it’s dangerous, but I find a beauty in it.

I used Ali’s 6×8 Layered Templates vol. 3 to add the story. The font is rokkitt. For the last week or so, it has been very foggy. Not the light fog that we’ve had for the last several years, but thick, pea soup kind of fog like when I was a kid. The I-can’t-see-the-house-across-the-street kind of fog. And I absolutely love it. I love the quiet it brings as sounds are muffled by the damp air. I love seeing the orchards draped in fog, bringing them an air of mystery and romance. I love seeing my daily surroundings wearing this distinctive cloak of winter in the Central Valley.


Day 7 was pretty chill; I was sick and didn’t do much that day. In the evening I lead a study session at work. The journal card is from the Jasmine Jones mini kit and the stamping along the side is Daily December Calendar stamp set. I used the Willamette Crafter’s ink and some black ink along the side.  The gold 7 is from an old DD kit. The white letters are from the DD main kit; I love how they fit perfectly into the patio roof on my photo.

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