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december daily, the beginning

Here it is, almost February, and I’m just now posting my December Daily (R) pages. Better late than never! I’ll list the sources when I can remember them, but I’m getting old and I can’t remember some things so good. Most of the supplies are from Ali’s December Daily main kit, plus the Paislee Press and Jasmine Jones mini kits.

I’ve quite literally copied lots of ideas from the great Ali Edwards herself; I won’t be posting those cuz, well, you should probably check out the originals on her blog. This December Daily caught me coming off a several month hiatus from any kind of scrapbooking whatsoever, and I just couldn’t find the creativity to get started. That’s often when I turn to her (and others!) for inspiration. Then, once my hands get started, I can keep going. Getting started can be one of the hardest things in life, right?


This year, I used the one of the albums Ali made available during the initial release of the 2016 DD products. I added a chipboard element from the main kit and numbers from the Jasmine Jones kit along the spine. I didn’t adorn the cover; my albums are usually bursting at the seams and I’m always worried that as I put them off and on the bookshelves the bits will come flying off.


On the inside cover, I was super excited to use the letter of our last name for the first time. We were just married this past May and it’s nice to have an album where our names are the same. The “A” is from an old DD kit… maybe 2014? The little trees are from the Paisley Press kit and I thought that graphically they went well with the “A.” At first I had a cork “16” there that took up about the same amount of visual space, but I really didn’t care for the way it looked. Glad I made the change.


The opening page is a transparent December from my stash. I think it was a Studio Calico product from years ago, but I have no idea when. The heart and chipboard “stories” are from the main kit. The rubber “twenty sixteen” is from Studio Calico last year and I was saving it for this year’s DD. The transparency is one from my stash, likely another SC product. Behind it, I placed a full page 6×8 paper from the main kit.


On the page behind the green one is my reason why for this year. I used a wood piece from the Ali’s Wild story kit and a star from the main kit. Here is the text: “Witness Magic” December 2016 | Welcome back, December. Your very name inspires smiles and sparks a twinkle in the eye. A time of year when lights transform simple streets and storefronts into beautiful boulevards and edifices. A time of year when people open their homes and hearts to friends and family, just because they want to share joy. A time of year when strangers may be more apt to smile, yield to oncoming traffic, or hold the door for others. A time of year that has it’s own special soundtrack, bringing back memories, warming hearts, and setting springs to steps. All of these things are more are small pieces of magic that are abundant in December. I hope to record stories from our lives, the great and the mundane, some with obvious magic and some that only become magical when put together with all the other stories. It is our first Christmas as a married couple, the third together in our home. I hope to be a witness to our lives as they are this December, in and around our home, as we travel, work, play, and handle the ups and downs of life as they come and we go through them together with love, grace, and compassion. Welcome month of light, joy, love, and magic. 


Here is how the back cover will set as the pages are turned.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be posting the majority of my album here, interspersed with current Project Life posts. Cheers!


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