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Batter up

Has it truly been since Halloween that I’ve posted? Uh, yeah. Here we go again.

So much has happened since October 31st. We have a new President. Another Christmas season has come and gone. I had a birthday. One of our upstairs toilets overflowed and flooded down into the kitchen. We bought a new car. We went on vacation. I took a course in Portland. My state experienced an “atmospheric river.” (I had to throw that in because it just sounds cool.)

Woah. That’s a lot in two months. No wonder I was wiped out by the time New Year’s Eve rolled around.


From a crafting/creative perspective, I’m so ready to start documenting 2017. Just last night, I completed my December Daily album; I’ll be posting some photos of that hopefully within the next week. If you don’t know about December Daily, let me tell you it is a wonderful labor of love that was created by Ali Edwards to help document stories throughout what is arguably the busiest month of the year. This year will be my third one with my amazing wife and I love all the memories it has helped me capture.

I’ve already set up the two albums I’ll use for Project Life this year; filled them with the the Design A page protectors and labeled each two page spread with the dates and week numbers. I am filled with so much excitement for the year to come, full of adventures yet to happen and stories to be told.

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to prepare to tell stories in the (still sort of) new year.

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