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I am so proud of myself! I’ve actually participated in all three Day in the Life projects this year. I’ve tried really hard to get more of my story told this year and I love being able to have played along with Ali Edwards and everyone else. I put many of my photos on my Instagram account and loved being able to see snippets of many people’s days.

My day was a pretty typical one; full of work, meetings, and general running around.


0540 | Time to get up. I’ve actually been awake since 0515, but I’ve been snoozing and petting my cat Maggie. Ok, Thursday, let’s do this.


0604 | Spent a few minutes printing some photos for my next PL spread. I’m about two months behind and will use even 5 minutes to make some progress.


0650 | Heading out for work. The sun is barely starting to rise. I HATE that daylight savings ends so late in the year, giving us dark mornings. I would say that I usually wake up energized for the day, but it’s hard to really get going when it’s so dark.


0815 | Time for a quick breakfast of rolled oats, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, slivered almonds, and a hint of allspice. It looks really bland and boring, but it’s not! It has great texture and keeps me feeling full until lunchtime.


0826 | Brief walk from the office to the hospital, ready to see some folks.


0842 | We have two teams rounding on the patients on our service, but we like to meet in the ICU so everyone knows what’s going on with our most critical patients.


0937 | We had just finished rounding when we got the page that critical trauma was incoming. Pediatric.


0950 | My partner arrived at the trauma to oversee the trauma resuscitation, enabling me to make it on time to my gym appointment. I just signed up to work out here this week. I haven’t really had a consistent work out routine for about two years… since the last time I came here. This place is great. It’s small, but it has everything one needs for a full workout. Plus, there are two trainers. The session with them is not 1:1, but more like 1:4, which is fine, because my form is typically pretty good. I also love that we don’t have to wait for equipment and that it’s clean.


1042 | Workout nearing an end and I’m setting up to stretch. Feels good to get moving in this way again.


1123 | Just getting out of the shower after my workout. Since I have meetings for the rest of the day, it was either workout now or at 0430. No brainer with that choice.


1150 | Back at work, heading to the Graduate Medical Education building. Trauma Grand Rounds will be taking place soon and I’ll be taking the phone and pager so the speaker, who is on call, isn’t interrupted during his lecture.


1222 | Today’s talk will be about the dangers of using albumin for resuscitation in the ICU. Very controversial topic that surgeons and medical intensivists love arguing about.


1233 | Lecture is underway and I’m busting into my lunch: turkey sandwich and a peach. I was shocked to find peaches at Costco during my last trip there. This is indeed the very last  taste of summer. I’ve been using wax paper lately to pack my lunch. There is so much bad press about plastics and food and what happens to us when we invest them, that I decided to go old school. My grandma used to make lunches this way; doing it makes me feel connected to her.


1318 | Yes, I’m guilty of playing on my phone during the lecture! But it was totally worth it. I ran across this, which I immediately sent to Tracy. We’re going on a Mediterranean cruise next September and will be near this place. I hope we can remember to go here when we’re near the Parthenon.


1423 | Another meeting. Discussing pediatric trauma needs in the hospital and how we can better help our patients.


1543 | Back in my office, working on charts and resident evaluations until the next meeting at 1700. I’m woefully behind on my evaluations…


1737 | Last meeting of the day. Hope it ends on time, cuz I gotta get home and cook! But it’s a very important topic, so if we go over, it’s cool. Grateful that I have a wife who understands that my work often runs over the time I anticipate.


1910 | Meeting is finally done, more than one hour over the time it was supposed to finish. Dinner is going to be SO late.


2000 | Dinner wasn’t too late after all. It was all assembled when I got home… it just needed a quick broil. Tracy did a great job cooking with a gimpy leg! Skillet Chicken Parmesan with Artichokes from Food Network Magazine. It was good, but would add more garlic next time.


2130 | One good leg, one gimpy leg. We’ve been sleeping downstairs on the couches for the last two weeks, since Tracy can’t get upstairs very easily. Within the next fifteen minutes, I was passed out as we watched Archer. Busy, fully day, but a good one. Grateful for it.

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