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treatment for stir crazy

This past weekend, Tracy passed the one week post-op mark and officially progressed to stir crazy. Being nonweight bearing on one leg severely limits what a person can do; more than you can ever anticipate. The pain had pretty much gone away, thankfully. She was just bored to tears. And worried she was going to get a decubitus ulcer from sitting so much. She asked me if we could go for a drive on Sunday — of course we could! We had a few options, based on our location, but we eventually decided on a trip to Paso Robles for some lunch and maybe a visit to one of our favorite wineries.

We decided to hit up Habaneros, mainly because of it’s Yelp review rating of 4.5, located just off the park in the middle of downtown. It was small, but very cute with some outdoor seating. They had a great selection, including tamales, which you don’t always see on a Mexican restaurant menu. Our meals were delicious, made by mama herself in the kitchen. I always forget to take a pic of my food before I start. I remembered to snap one of my “small burrito” a few bites in.


Tracy was super excited to get out of the house. Clearly.


From there, we decided to go to J Dusi, one of our favorite wineries in Paso. (Or anywhere, for that matter.) We have seriously never had a bad wine from this place and have been visiting this winery for several years. The wines are somehow soft and bold at the same time with a wonderful balance that makes them eminently drinkable. We also love that the winemaker learned her craft from her grandfather, the fact that it is still family owned and operated, and the sense of welcome we feel every time we visit. We picked up our wine club shipment (and then some), and headed back home. If you ever get a chance to visit or even try some of their wines, DO IT. You won’t be disappointed.


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