magic fenway

I have been dying to get back into my studio to make something with my hands. Do some Project Life. A traditional layout. Anything.

Today when I had a couple of hours to myself, I did just that. Before I got started, I pulled out the album that holds the traditional layouts for the year. I was shocked to see that the last traditional layout I did was all the way back in April. It makes sense; it was before the wedding craziness started, but still. Shocking.

So I decided to get another layout into my album today. I chose a story from our Spring trip to Boston, during which we went to Fenway. Tracy’s first visit there!

magic fenway.jpg

I pulled a random Studio Calico kit from my shelf, hoping it would work well with the photos I had chosen. It ended up being Film Club from April. I’m patterned paper challenged, so I was determined to use more than just two different kinds without overwhelming the page. I played around with the layers and scraps a bit, searching for balance before I glued them down.

The Travelogue stamp is from Kelly Purkey and the magic stamp is from a very old Ali Edwards story kit.

It felt so good to create something again. To get another story recorded. Love this hobby.

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