memory keeping

um… hi


So, here it is. My first blog post on my new blog. I’ve always aspired to record my thoughts and events. But I’ve always failed. I had dozens of mostly-empty journals as a kid and teenager and have even tried blogging before. But, you know, life gets busy, we move from one thing to the next, and before we know it, years have slipped past along with so many forgotten stories.

Here is my attempt — again — to tell my story. Not because I want to develop a huge online following or even dozens of readers. (That would be awesome, but not my primary goal.) I am a documenter of my life with photos and words… a scrapbooker. But I’ve found that if I get behind in my memory keeping, I stop recording all things everywhere, so when I go back to “catch up,” I can’t remember all the little details that I love reading about when I go back through my albums.

This humble site will hold all those details.






Let’s get started.

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